We study vocal communication, music and emotion, using a range of experimental psychological and cognitive neuroscience methods. We are based in Lisbon, in the Department of Psychology at ISCTE-IUL.


César F. Lima, Principal Investigator – Google Scholar | ISCTE-IUL Page


Marta Martins, Postdoctoral Researcher – Google Scholar

Helena Moreira, PhD Student (secondary supervision), FCT PhD studentship – Google Scholar

Leonor Neves, PhD Student, FCT PhD studentship – Google Scholar

Ana Isabel Correia, PhD Student, FCT PhD studentship – Google Scholar

Aissa Baldé, MSc Student (Emotion Sciences)



Ana Rita Pires, MSc in Emotion Sciences

Ricardo Vilaverde, MSc in Emotion Sciences

Ana Catarina Loureiro, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lucas Naumann, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Our research is currently funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology:

(1) ‘Understanding other’s minds in the voice – The role of mentalizing and sensorimotor systems in vocal emotional processing’ (2016-2021)

(2) ‘Music for the development of social skills: The impact of music training on socio-emotional processing’ (2019-2022)


Get in touch if you would like to join the lab: cesar.lima@iscte-iul.pt