Media coverage of our study on how the brain of  beatboxers and guitarists responds to music (Krishnan et al., 2018, Cerebral Cortex): Daily Mail; ScienceDaily.

Media coverage of our recent work on speech perception in voice hearers (Alderson-Day, Lima, et al., 2017, Brain): BBC Radio 5 (about 1:29 onwards); BBC World Service (about 10:29 onwards); Daily MailScienceBlog; Popular Science. Portuguese press: Diário de Notícias; Porto Canal; Notícias Universidade do Porto. We also wrote a post for the OUPblog that explains the study in more detail.



Sophie Scott and I scanned the opera singer Lesley Garrett (using real-time MRI) for the BBC Four programme Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics. Clips can be seen here and here.



I’ve collaborated with The Guardian on a Brain Waves film on music and emotion – this included scanning Billy Bragg’s brain. The film can be seen here and a brief explanation of the experiment here.



I’ve made short films of real-time speech and laughter production (using real-time MRI) for the BBC Two Horizon episode Jimmy Carr and the Science of Laughter. A clip can be seen here, along with a great summary of laughter research by Sophie Scott.


Media coverage of our work on socio-emotional processing in congenital amusia (Lima et al., 2016, Scientific Reports): Daily Mail and Rhinegold



I was interviewed by the New Scientist about our work on emotional vocalizations for the feature Self-mastery Can Be Yours With Three Pillars of Emotional Wisdom


Media coverage (in Portuguese) of our work on executive functioning in Alzheimer’s Disease (Moreira, Lima, & Vicente, 2014, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease): Observador, Sic Notícias, TVI 24, Notícias UP


Media coverage (in Portuguese) of our work on how Parkinson’s disease affects emotion processing in music and speech prosody (Lima, Garrett, & Castro, 2013, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology): TSFSic NotíciasNotícias UP


Some of the public engagement events I’ve taken part in:

LOL – The Science and Art of Laughter
The Voice at the Wellcome Trust
Zombielab at Science Museum Lates
U.Porto on Display