Communication, Emotion & Brain (CEB)

Cognition and neuroscience research group based at Iscte, Lisbon.
We study vocal communication and music - their neurocognitive substrates, shared processes, individual differences, and interactions with emotion

How do we infer other people’s emotions?

How do we perceive speech and voices?

   How do we respond to music?

Multi-Level Approach

We use a variety of behavioral methods in our work, often combined with neuroimaging (e.g., fMRI) and peripheral physiological measures (e.g., electromyography).

Many of our studies seek to understand how people process emotional expressions, voices, and music. We study both typical participants of all ages and people with clinical conditions.


Latest Papers

Forthcoming, 2022

Professional Musicians

Vincenzi, M.*, Correia, A. I.*, Vanzella, P., Pinheiro, A. P., Lima, C. F.*, & Schellenberg, E. G.* (2022). Associations between music training and cognitive abilities: The special case of professional musicians. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. Advance online publication.

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Published, 2022

Does music training enhance auditory and linguistic processing?

Neves, L., Correia, A. I., Castro, S. L., Martins, D., & Lima, C. F. (2022). Does music training enhance auditory and linguistic processing? A systematic review and meta-analysis of behavioral and brain evidence. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 140, Article 104777

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Published, 2022

Mild Cognitive Impairment Affects Emotion Recognition

Moreira, H. S., Costa, A. S., Machado, A., Castro, S. L., Vicente, S., & Lima, C. F. (2022). Impaired recognition of facial and vocal emotions in mild cognitive impairment. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 28, 48-61.

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